The Journey Begins

Hi friends! Welcome to my first ever blog! I’ve decided to dip a toe into blogging for a specific reason – I have a short journey I’m beginning that I’d like to document and share with you all related to my biggest insecurity since I was about 12 or 13 years old. If you know me personally, I’m sure you can identify that I suffer from persistent acne. *Did I really just write that for you all to read?* YES, I did! I am sharing my troubles with treating acne because I wish I had access to materials of this sort from the moment I got my first angry bump. If the title of this blog hasn’t given itself away yet, I will be sharing my experience with the “last resort” acne treatment in the world of dermatology – Accutane. I am hoping to deliver biweekly updates for the next six months to maintain accurate progress, as I should expect my skin to experience some significant “mood swings”. If you’re interested in tagging along on my skincare journey, I’ll be posting my first set of progress pictures and my tidbit on why I’ve decided to go through with this powerful drug soon.

Stay posted!

– Mary

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